Are YOU for the Inevitable

In today’s speed of life, it’s not if you will experience a crisis, it’s when and how severe. Open the newspaper, turn on the TV and you will find companies in crisis. Poorly handled crises destroy businesses, reputations, and careers. Crisis Interception’s co-founders offer keynote addresses that highlight how crisis continues to evolve in today’s fast-paced world.



This keynote presentation will help executives quickly recognize a crisis situation and be prepared to act when their worst-case scenario becomes reality. The focus of this presentation is to provide an overview and understanding of the ways in which organizations and companies handle crisis situations (both good and bad), how to prepare an effective response to buy time to get to the next level of discovery, key questions that must be asked, why forming a crisis team within your organization is non-negotiable, how you should respond based on the information you have and how to avoid the biggest mistakes executives make when communicating in a crisis.

Keynote Speech