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tara frier and nancy capistran, crisis interception

Business veterans Nancy Capistran and Tara Goodwin are crisis experts with more than 50 years of combined experience. They have successfully managed crisis situations with high-profile individuals and companies ranging from Fortune 500s to start-ups. In addition, they have strategic partnerships with hundreds of trusted advisors and industry experts and can leverage those relationships for you on demand.

The founders of Capistran Leadership and Goodwin Group PR share the same vision and philosophy on how crises should be managed and each has specific expertise in managing crisis situations from an internal and external lens. Combined, they offer comprehensive identification and management of crisis situations to minimize impact, maintain corporate reputation, reassure the public and enable internal teams to continue to do business while effectively navigating the crisis.

Tara Goodwin, Crisis Interception

Tara Goodwin

E-mail: tara@crisisinterception.com
Ph: (617) 650-2644

Tara Goodwin founder of Goodwin Group PR, brings over 30 years of media relations, crisis communications, public affairs and public policy experience to Crisis Interception™. Since founding Goodwin Group PR in 2001, Tara has built a company that attracts, engages and sustains clients ranging from small start-ups and nonprofit organizations to high-profile CEOs, professional athletes and coaches.

Nancy Capistran, Crisis Interception

Nancy Capistran

E-mail: nancy@crisisinterception.com
Ph: (508) 380-8155

Nancy Capistran is founder and leadership advisor at Capistran Leadership, LLC. For the past three decades, Nancy has worked with companies that ranged in size from start-ups to multi-billion dollar organizations. Capitalizing on her lifetime of character-building experiences, combined with her talents as a highly skilled leader she offers a unique opportunity for businesses and their executives to fuel growth and innovation through a different lens. She is a multi-certified International coach with broad and deeply relevant experience, which allows her to get right to the core of the matter.

Awards & Recognition

Both Tara and Nancy have been humbled by the many awards that they have received over the years. Most recent awards include but are not limited to: