Every Counts

The shock and awe of an emergency situation can be physically and intellectually paralyzing. Wise decisions and efficient actions need to happen at an accelerated pace. How senior leadership “shows up” during a highly stressful situation is critical. Understanding what has happened at the onset of a crisis is complex; often, so little is known at the beginning. Facts unfold over time, and while some frontline intelligence is quick to surface, usually the most important information comes to light in a slow, disjointed way. The quicker and more accurate the information is obtained, the faster the crisis team can transform what is known into an effective and more coordinated response.

On-Demand Crisis Support

Crisis Interception help senior leadership make the smartest decisions with the best precision during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness and sound counsel, we are a diverse, reputable, on-demand crisis response team for high-profile individuals and companies of all sizes and industries. One of the unique benefits of engaging our company is to help clients navigate through the minefields of their personal or professional crisis by capitalizing on the depth and breadth of our diverse backgrounds.



Nancy and the team look at what’s going on inside your company from a Leadership Perspective: identifying and responding appropriately to key internal and external stakeholders, understanding how to best manage organizational continuity when in a crisis, and how senior leaders “show up” during a crisis; leading by example is critically important during volatile times. Tara and the team view the crisis from an External Perspective – how the media is going to report it, how to communicate to your customers, how to deliver a right holding statement to stem the tide until you collect more information, and why transparency and empathy must come through and effective ways to monitor social chatter. Professionals asking different types of questions, fact-finding, and working together with a common goal – to help you effectively manage your crisis and preserve your organization and reputation.

What You Can From Us

Effective crisis leadership depends upon an in-depth understanding of the facts (scope and scale) of what has happened, combined with the most effective emergency response plan, crisis team, and actions to diffuse the situation.

Discovery PhaseOne of the most critical parts of our work together creates the foundation on which the response strategy is built. This includes but is not limited to a 90-minute situational analysis meeting.

Gather the facts – what happened and exactly what you are currently facing

Ask key questions from both an internal and external impact perspective

Assess your current and potential risk profile based on the information obtained

Develop robust response options based on the specifics with input from the crisis and legal teams

Identify the specific tactics and ongoing services needed including developing timelines and deliverables

Tactical Phase – collateral creation, strategic dissemination, and response guidance.

Identify key audiences who must receive this information

Draft the most appropriate collateral based on the various audiences involved

Finalize materials with attorney and client

Release materials as needed

Monitor the situation while remaining nimble as the crisis cycle evolves

Prepare additional responses as needed

Watch, wait, monitor phase

Provide peace of mind to clients as the safety net for future developments

Crisis Leadership