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Everyone is vulnerable to a crisis; no organization is immune. How you and your management team respond to any highly intense, critical situation is essential. Pre-crisis planning will help to identify and define the steps needed to address and quickly diffuse a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation – one that requires immediate action. The organizations that best survive and thrive through a crisis are those that have proactively put in place an agile crisis management strategy that closely aligns with the organization’s overarching vision, mission, and key objectives.

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Crisis Plans

“No one can fathom how damaging a crisis can be until you experience one.”

Crisis Plans

Crisis Plans are tailored to the unique needs of your company and serve as a comprehensive guide to helping you and your team navigate through a crisis as seamlessly as possible.

Effectively Building Your Plan

To effectively build a plan, we request that you appoint a dedicated person at your company who will serve as our primary point of contact to supply information to us that is critical to the plan. This includes but is not limited to customer, vendor and employee contact information, a company organization chart, any emergency procedures, and protocols already in place, company history, corporate structure, date of incorporation, etc.

Customized Plans

Depending on the size of the company and the amount of information necessary to complete, crisis plans are customized to the client’s needs. Clients also have the option of adding a Crisis Drill after delivery of the plan, to test the team’s performance in a mock crisis situation. Drills are traditionally between a half-and full-day and often include a videographer to capture the drill.

Your Step-by-Step Playbook

This plan serves as your playbook and contains all the essential information you need in one inclusive document. We deliver the document both electronically and in hard copy format in case your internet is down at the time of crisis. Also included with the plan are laminated cards that list your company’s key crisis team members along with their contact information for easy reference.

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To help you start your pre-crisis planning journey, we would like to offer you these four (4) critical documents.


Types of Crises (PDF)


Crisis Readiness Survey


Sample Questions to Ask Your Team in Crisis


12 Steps in Crisis Communications

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