Crisis Interception

In today’s 24-7 news cycle, successfully navigating a crisis is critical. Being adequately prepared can minimize the potential impact of a disaster. If you are sufficiently equipped prior to a catastrophe, you could reduce the financial hardship, reputational harm, and protect the viability of your brand and overall business. How would you handle a major business interruption?


A company’s brand represents its promise of quality and service. It takes years to build a strong reputation, yet moments to destroy it during the chaos of an unexpected crisis. This type of undesirable spotlight, requires highly-skilled concentration to calm the tensions that are boiling over. When uncertainty and adversity hit, every second counts. It is pivotal that the emergency response is activated and supported by seasoned professionals with timely, smart decisions to support all stakeholders, internal and external of the business. Companies that come-out-of-the-gate strong in responding to a disaster, have a better chance of bouncing back. Those with a less-than-favorable response, traditionally experience an irrevocably-tarnished reputation.

Leadership & Sound Counsel

CRISIS INTERCEPTION™ helps lead decisive change during extreme adversity. Providing mental toughness and sound counsel. CI intercedes to burnish the efficiency for reputational risk, preservation and crisis response through:

  • Influencing positive leadership to support the best interest of the brand and its stakeholders
  • Activating steps necessary to achieve the best outcomes
  • Setting and managing expectations
  • Driving decisions and communications with one vision
  • Assessing and adjusting plans as needed
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One mismanaged crisis and you’re out of business

We’ve seen it happen…

• Products catching fire in homes across the world

• Fatal and life-threatening equipment malfunctions

• Sexual harassment allegations that end careers and destroy families EVEN if unfounded

• Lawsuits that deplete profits and damage corporate reputations

• Data breaches that compromise the most loyal customers or employees

• Fire, explosion or catastrophic event that irreparably alters thousands of lives

What Our Clients Say

“Nancy demonstrates an uncommon acuity, sensitivity, professionalism, and insight. A mutual acquaintance referred me to her at a time of intense change. I’ve emerged energized, relieved and resolute—thanks to her. What better recommendation to offer than to say her impact and influence may just have changed my life?”

C.M., Senior Director, Fortune 500 Company, Technology Industry

“A catastrophic accident happened in the City of Boston with one of our trucks several years ago. A first responder went on television and said that the vehicle was last serviced at my company’s shop. Tara was my first call. She worked quickly with my team to get all the facts and while it was true that the truck was last serviced by us, the accident was caused by a brake failure. Our company does not service brakes on any vehicle that we sell. Tara set up more than 30 media interviews and wrote statements for me so that we could get our response out quickly. Years later, five companies were sued as a result of that accident but our company was not among them. She saved us millions of dollars by her strategic, rapid response.”

Tim O., CEO, Truck Manufacturing Company

“Nancy Capistran is the peripheral vision that CEOs, CFOs and COOs need in times of crisis. Nancy’s counsel allows leaders to make smarter decisions with better precision. She has the flexibility to move with the dynamics of an evolving situation and helps guide her clients through crisis. I have had the benefit of experiencing Nancy’s expertise first hand as she supported me through a board-level crisis, therefore I advocate that leaders of organizations should heed her counsel and utilize this tool.”

K.T., Partner, Financial Forensics Industry
“As someone involved in a ‘me too’ allegation, I asked Tara to help me navigate through the potential landmines ahead. She asked lots of in-depth questions, was incredibly thoughtful and most important, non-judgmental regarding actions I had taken years ago that I deeply regretted. Her quick, thoughtful approach and calming presence meant more to me and my family than I can ever express.”
Former Executive
“Nancy was called a “beacon of light” from one of my clients after she successfully helped him navigate a very stressful situation in the growth of his second generation business. Her deep and broad knowledge combined with her skill set in listening actively, and thoughtfully crafting recommendations is a perfect fit for senior-level leaders. I completely trust her and her approach.”
W.J., Senior Director, Fortune 500 Company, Financial Services

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