Proprietary Crisis Guidebook™

for Pre-Crisis Planning and for In-Crisis (Emergency Response) Activities

Are YOU Prepared for the Inevitable?

Everyone is vulnerable to a crisis; no organization is immune. How you and your management team respond to any highly intense, critical situation is essential. Pre-crisis planning will help to identify and define the steps needed to address and quickly diffuse a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation – one that requires immediate action. The organizations that best survive and thrive through a crisis are those that have proactively put in place an agile crisis management strategy that closely aligns with the organization’s overarching vision, mission, and key objectives.

Our digital guidebook covers 10 critical components of pre-crisis planning as well as 11 steps to support an active crisis/emergency response. These include:
  • Crisis Management Planning and Response
  • Organizational Values During A Crisis
  • Company Cover Sheet
  • Identifying Your Organization’s Risk Profile
  • Crisis Definitions and Terms
  • Types of Crises
  • Inside Your Organization During A Crisis
  • Crisis Management Team Selection
  • Additional Contacts for Your Crisis Plan

  • Training and Exercises Log

  • Are We in Crisis?
  • Event Escalation Flow Chart
  • Organizational Values During A Crisis

  • Crisis Intake Form
  • Crisis Management Team Selection
  • Additional Contacts for Your Crisis Plan
  • Crisis Details: Who, What, Where, When
  • Effectively Communicating in a Crisis

  • Data Needed for Holding Statements
  • Sample Holding Statements

  • Post Crisis Evaluation

These in-depth step-by-step guides provide clarity, are easy to use and implement, and help leaders make smarter decisions with better precision especially during highly stressful times. Crisis plans can also be stored on our secure server for activation within seconds of when a crisis occurs.

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