The Crisis Planning Guidebook

In today’s speed of life, you will have a crisis and all too often, you won’t see it coming. Imagine your life changing within MINUTES! The reputation you have spent a lifetime building destroyed in SECONDS! Clients and customers who praised you yesterday turning their backs on you today.


From product recalls and “me too” allegations to industrial and construction accidents to data breaches, unexpected CEO deaths and IP theft. Can you prevent a crisis? No but you can PREPARE for one.

That’s why we’ve created a first-of-its kind, in-depth crisis management planning guidebook for organizations. It’s easy to use and implement whether you are planning for a crisis or actually find yourself in one.

Do it yourself or do it with our help but please don’t keep walking around thinking it’s not going to happen to you – it will. So stop walking around every day risking your career and reputation. We’d rather have you be a success story than yesterday’s unfortunate news!

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Here’s what’s included in your purchase of The Crisis Planning Guidebook:

• Step by step checklists

• Cover sheets to input and store critical contact information

• Crisis team selection

• Types of crisis situations most relevant to YOUR business

• Sample holding statements for your identified worst case scenarios

• Key questions to ask your team in a crisis

• Communicating in a crisis

• Access to quarterly webinars focusing on one aspect of crisis management

• AND…two hours of personalized consultation (pre-crisis planning activities only)